uespLog -- Submit MasterMerchant Data

Submit your MasterMerchant add-on data to the UESP and view the collected sales data.

Upload Steps:

  • Choose your MasterMerchant saved variable files. These are usually found in your "Documents" folder at:
    ..\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\SavedVariables\MMXXData.lua
  • Select all 16 files from MM00Data.lua to MM15Data.lua.
  • Select the ESO server where the MM data comes from.
  • Submit files.
  • You can upload the same MM files multiple times and only new sales will be added to our database.
  • You can also use the uespLog add-on to automatically download all guild trader searches, listed and purchased items.

Note: Maximum file upload size is 50MB.

Select Server: